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Bloober Team announces the production of a new horror game

Bloober TeamCEO Piotr Babieno said the studio has been working on a new horror title for more than a year now in collaboration with "a very famous publisher." The CEO didn't get out of balance with either the project or the publisher, but he said he's pretty confident that the fanos will be very excited about this collaboration.

Babieno goes on to say that the new project will be an action-focused first-person game. However psychological horror, palpable in their latest game The Medium, will stillremain in the studio's DNA.

Needless to say, fans are already speculating that the famous publisher Bloober Team is collaborating with may be Konami, and that the project is about the famous Silent Hill saga. This would, however, be in contrast to another unofficial rumor that Konami had already entrusted the new Silent Hill to a major Japanese developer, unless there are two different Silent Hills in the pipeline.

The only certain news at the moment is that the team that started the acclaimed game The Medium is currently working on a new horror game.