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Bethesda reveals an Indiana Jones title, produced by Todd Howard and MachineGames

Bethesda today revealed the development by machinegames(Wolfenstein)of a new title dedicated to Indiana Jones,produced by Todd Howard in collaboration with LucasFilm Games. For now nothing is known about the game and, according to the publisher, it will pass a little before we get news (imagine at E3), but a first teaser trailer has been released.

The platforms are not known for now: as we know Bethesda is being acquired by Microsoft, and this could be the first Xbox exclusive of the new course (perhaps to compete with the Sony Uncharted series) and included in the Game Pass. But the plans may also be different: we will have to wait for official announcements for this.

Now let's leave you at the short teaser trailer announcement, good view!

MX Video - Bethesda Indiana Jones