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Back 4 Blood: a long demonstration of gameplay, details

Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock Studios have today released new details about the horror game co-op Back 4 Blood, accompanyingthem with a long demonstration of gameplay where we can get a first taste of the game's dynamics.

The developers explain to us that Back 4 Blood is set in a world where an epidemic has affected most of humanity. Hardened by events and encouraged to fight to reclaim what's left of the world, a group of veterans called cleaners face the horrors of the Devil Worm parasite known as Ridden. Back 4 Blood combines adrenaline-pumping and dynamic gameplay with great variety and customization possibilities to keep players' interest alive.

Back 4 Blood features a four-player team history campaign, inwhich the protagonists will have to collaborate to fight the Cleaners and progress through increasingly demanding missions. You can find fellow travelers online in drop-in and drop-out co-op mode, or play solo with three A-led teammates. There is also a competitive multiplayer mode in which to play with or against your friends online in PvP, which supports up to eight players and teams that alternate in the interpretation of cleaners and terrible Riddens.

We leave you now to demonstrate the gameplay and some screenshots, reminding you that Back 4 Blood is expected to be released on June 22, 2021. Have a good vision!

MX Video - Back 4 Blood