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A trailer for the story of Scarlet Nexus introduces the second playable character, Kasane

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for the action-RPG Scarlet Nexus,coming soon for next-gen on a date yet to be announced; the footage reveals and shows us the story of the second playable character, the brave Kasane who will join Yuito Sumeragi in the fight against the Strangers.

Set in the metropolis of New Himuka, Scarlet Nexus sees the invasion of strange creatures called Strangers,who descend from the sky to feed on human brains. Assembled with the best fighters, the" Foreign Suppression Force" (ESF) was created to deal with this threat.

Kasane is an orphan who lost her parents in a raid of the Strangers when she was still a child; Adopted by the powerful Randall family, it becomes one of the most promising elements of the ESF after being recruited at the age of 12. He is now an elite soldier with considerable combat skills: Kasane masters the strength of psychokinesis, combining it with his knife-throwing prowess.

Kasane joins Yuito Sumeragi as a playable character of the adventure: born into an elite family, part of the country's ruling forces, Yuito grew up with an obsession with becoming part of the ESF. After his life was saved by one of his members, he always wanted to follow in his footsteps. Both Kasane and Yuito will benefit from the support of other party characters, such as Gemma Garrison, Luka Travers or Tsugumi Nazar.

We leave you to the movie, complete with Italian subtitles; Good vision!

MX Video - Scarlet Nexus