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inXile Entertainment at work on a second triple-A RPG

In a tweet, Brian Fargo, the head of inXile Entertainment, revealed that the studio is already working on a second triple-A RPG destined for Microsoft's new home console. We were already aware of a similar project, but it seems that this is a second title in development.

The title in question will take advantage of the now familiar Unreal Engine 5 and will be fully funded by Microsoft after joining Xbox Game Studios.

InXile's RPGs are in addition to the others already announced by Obsidian and Playground, Avowed and Fable respectively, as well as the future titles of the Bethesda teams, recently acquired. So it seems that fans of role-playing games in Western sauce will have to satiate their appetites with the next generation of Microsoft consoles.

However, Fargo has made it clear that this new title is still at the beginning of pre-production,so more detailed information is unlikely to be released any time soon. However, the news bodes well for the pace of work at Xbox Game Studios and the investment Microsoft has made in developing games, considering that the latest inXile title has been released for just over a month and is still supported by developers. In fact, support for other languageswill be introduced shortly, including Italian.