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Xbox Series X and S will be the first consoles to have games in Dolby Vision

Dolby has announced that Xbox Series X and S will be the world's first consoles with games that will support the Dolby Visionvideo format, as well as the already supported Dolby Atmos for audio (of course HDR support will remain unchanged). This video format, already supported by many TVs and also usable on Xbox One with streaming services such as Netflix, is superior to HDR 10 thanks to a 12-bit color coding that allows you to have lights up to 40 times brighter and black up to 10 times deeper.

This will offer even better contrast, brightness and color vibrancy than we've seen with HDR 10. However, this will not be available when the new consoles are launched: Dolby says the first games to support the new format will come in 2021.

Here's a simulation that tries to represent the visual difference in an SDR game (without even HDR, then), and one in Dolby Vision: