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Available today the Creeping Winter DLC for Minecraft Dungeons

The roll-out of"Creeping Winter",Minecraft Dungeons'new DLC, has begun, adding a new island laden with desolate and rugged wastelands, populated with monsters and new characters that will add some new features to the game.

We don't have a complete changelog of the update to date, but from what we know will be added several interesting features, which will definitely make the game more interesting especially if played in co-op. It must also be said that Creeping Winter will be released in two distinct forms: one free for all players, the other for a fee with exclusive content.

Here's what the new DLC includes:

  • A new island with at least 3 levels to face in single or cooperative. The new game territories will only be released in the paid DLC, but we know right now that they can also be explored by users who will join a paying player's game.
  • New weapons and equipment, including cosmetic items and pets that will help the player in his heroic feats.
  • New NPCs that will add new features to the game, such as the ability to improve lower-level equipment, or give away items we don't use to other players in the lobby.
  • Daily missions that will give you access to higher-level equipment and offer a greater challenge to the game.

Finally, we remind you that the update will be released staggered, so you may not receive it right away; in the meantime we leave you to the launch trailer that shows us the settings.

MX Video - Minecraft Dungeons