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Insider: Microsoft postponed some of the announcements scheduled for August in September

The news continues this August in which, for sure, video game fans have to chat; When we were now certain that by the end of the month Microsoft would announce the date and price of Xbox Series X along with the lockhart/Xbox Series Srevelation, the well-known insider shinobi602 suggests that some (or all) of these ads have been moved to next month.

It is possible that we will have to wait longer to find out the price of the new consoles; Microsoft probably doesn't want to be the first to announce it, so that it can decide the price based on what Sony will communicate; we will now see if the Japanese company will decide to make the announcement first, or if the two companies will continue to chase each other in a game of mutual expectations. Of course we hope to know everything as soon as possible, but let's get ready to wait any longer!