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Flight Simulator: Microsoft confirms development for Xbox One, new soon

With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator expected on PC in mid-August, numerous newspapers have praised the game and called it the "first real next-gen game", mainly because of its great graphic fidelity not only to scenarios around the world but also because of the excellent reproduction of 3D clouds and atmospheric effects.

This has led many to wonder whether the title was still in development for the "old" Xbox One, as originally announced, or whether it had been moved exclusively to Xbox Series X given its significantly superior hardware capabilities.

Microsoft and Asobo spoke about this, explaining that the game is currently in development for Xbox One as well, and that it will not be a problem to adapt it to the lower hardware capabilities: indeed, the optimizations that will be put in place for this console will help the title toform even better on the most powerful hardware, since the code will generally be even more efficient.

Of course, the title is also in development for Xbox Series X with specific optimizations for the new console, where we're sure you'll have no problem achieving the incredible graphics quality already seen on PC. This is also a demonstration of how developing games at the same time for current and next-gen is not necessarily "castrante" for the most powerful hardware: a game can be designed and developed for the most powerful hardware, and then scaled and optimized for the lower one.

As for a release date for the simulator on Xbox, Microsoft has unfortunately not unbuttoned, explaining that announcements will be made about it "later", certainly after the release of the title on PC. We're waiting!