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Grounded, Obsidian's first Xbox exclusive is now available in Game Preview

Please note that from today you can buy for 29.99 euros (or download included in the Game Pass) Grounded, the new fun survival game of Obsidian Entertainment that, with a team of only 13 developers, has come out of the usual borders of the RPG world to give us a more sparkling and social title, since it can also be played cooperatively with our friends.

Grounded is released in Game Preview, which means that game development is not yet finished, and developers make it available in early access to probe audience reactions and refine the game using community advice.

The game is therefore not complete from a feature point of view, and over time developers may add new features or even make changes that will require you to start the story again from the beginning: it's up to you to decide whether to follow the evolution of the title step by step, or wait for the final release to end development (the date of which is not known at the time).

If you missed it, we'll finally leave you with the hilarious launch trailer shown at last week's Xbox Games Showcase; Good vision!

MX Video - Grounded