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Phil Spencer comments on Sony conference, is very optimistic about the Xbox event in July

During the Spanish online event Gamelab Live, Phil Spencer commented on the PS5 revelation event that took place a couple of weeks ago complimenting the excellent work done by Sony but explaining, at the same time, that he is very optimistic about how much Xbox will reveal in July just in view of what was shown at the event of the Japanese company.

"Isaw the show and I think they did a great job,"Spencer says, continuing: "Sony did a great job with their event. As a player, it's great to see both of our companies competing. I think the competition leads to better results for both of us, and I love it."

The manager also explained:"I'll be honest., I felt great after watching their show. I think the hardware benefits we've created will be evident once we talk more about our games, frame-rates and other things. I have great feelings about the July event and the gameplay that we will show on that occasion." He continued:"Our teams are working hard to assemble our July line-up. We received feedback from our event in May and people will be really pleased with what we will show on that occasion."

In short, it seems that we will have to prepare for real "fireworks" for the July event, which is for now devoid of a date but which we assume can take place in the second week of the month. Unfortunately, the current global conditions will prevent Microsoft from creating a classic conference, but we are sure that it will be an extremely interesting and exciting event, of those to remember. Stay tuned to find out when it will happen!