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The Xbox Family Settings app arrives in preview to manage the gaming of children

It's been several years since Microsoft has equipped Xbox One with a series of "family settings" features whereing parents can impose rules on their children on daily game time, playable titles, and a number of other parameters. Until now this was only feasible via the web via Microsoft's"Your Family"page, but now it's all much easier to manage via the Xbox Family Settingsapp.

The app, available in preview on Android and iOS(via TestFlight), allows parents to set the same restrictions that they could activate via the web, but now much more conveniently and also on the go. Game time slots, daily maximum time limits, maximum rating of playable titles, multiplayer gaming and so on are all manageable in a few moments via this app. When the app launches in its final version, you'll also have the option to review other players' friend requests and decide which ones to approve.

In addition, when a child wants to play outside of their allowed time and sends an additional time request to the parent, the notification will now also arrive on the app and will be manageable directly within it, as well as by email as was the case so far.

If you have kids playing on Xbox and already using Family Settings, this app will be manageable, whereas if you didn't use them but were looking for a way to keep the kids' gaming habits at bay, you'll find it very useful. Find more information directly from Microsoft on this page.