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Rumor: the new Tony Hawk's will be called Alcatraz

Awaiting the release of the remastered version of Tony Hawk's 1 and 2, expected in September,fans are also waiting for a new title of the series that could soon be announced. The Brazilian classification body has just registered a new Activision title entitled Alcatraz and categorised as a sports game: but why do we think it's a Tony Hawk's?

Simple: Last month the Austrian store Gameware listed (and subsequently removed, but remained the proof in a screenshot)a game called Tony Hawk's Alcatraz, and given the coincidence of the name and publisher, it becomes apparent that the one just recorded in Brazil is the same game.

So that Activision is preparing to announce Tony Hakw's Alcatraz (or simply Alcatraz,since in the Brazilian classification this is the name of the game) with release at the launch of the new consoles next-gen, leaving Tony Hawk's 1 and 2 the task of leading the way and showing the new generations why the famous series of skateboards is so beloved? We think that is the case and that the announcement could come in less than a month, more or less in line with what E3 should have been. Keep following us to find out if it really will be so!