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Microsoft officially unveils Xbox One X Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077 in video

It was already leaked, but now Microsoft has officially announced it: the Xbox One X Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077 will arrive in June and shows itself in a trailer that reveals not only the design but also the unique features, such as the inscription "N0 FUTURE" that shines in the dark, a series of laser engravings all over the body, LED lights put in different positions and of course the new controller paired.

But that's not all: Microsoft has also revealed that although it will be available in June, the console will also include a copy of Cyberpunk 2077,we imagine in digital format with a code that will allow you to get the pre-order ahead of the game's release, on September 17.

What do you think, are you ready to take home a piece of Night City? We definitely!

MX Video - Xbox One X