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Journey to the Savage Planet expands soon with the Hot Garbage DLC; Trailer

505 Games has revealed in a trailer that the first-person adventure Journey to the Savage Planet will soon be enriched with more content with the new Hot GarbageDLC, which will arrive on Xbox One on April 15, 2020 7.99 euros.

We discover that the DLC will introduce a new alien planet called DL-C1 in which we will be called upon to investigate mysterious pollutants scattered in the area of the new interstellar waterfront resort of Kindred Aerospace, used by rival members of Vyper Corp. as a toxic waste dump.

As we continue the adventure, we will also be able to unlock new equipment and abilities,including lead boots that will allow us to explore water-filled areas, a Kindred suit useful for getting into areas where toxic gases are present; We will also develop the ability to accumulate an unlimited amount of resistance so you can run smoothly and the ability to fly.

Finally, the DLC introduces new species of flora and fauna,including a bizarre variation of the pufferfish and a fleet of "harmless" Vyper Corp. who keep clean and supervised the territory they occupied.

We now leave you with the movie with which the new Hot Garbage DLCwas announced, followed by a video that shows us the gameplay, reminding you that Journey to the Savage Planet will soon become part of the list of titles included in the Game Pass; good viewing!

MX Video - Journey to the Savage Planet