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Rumor Control: no, Microsoft is not acquiring Konami IPs

You know, on the Internet it is easy to circulate all kinds of noise, sometimes plausible and sometimes less; It should usually be the job of the specialized press to understand when a rumor is implausible and avoid helping to propagate it, but sometimes the chatter is so appetizing that even the most emblazoned sites "fall for it".

This is the case of a recent and unlikely "rumor" that, despite being orginated a month ago, has started to circulate in the last few hours. A text posted on a pastebin (a site where anyone can paste any text),states that Microsoft would be in the process of acquiring Konami's entire IP catalog, which include series such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Pro Evolution Soccer and Castlevania,as well as many others.

Needless to say, we can explain the virtually null value of such an anonymously published text: anyone could write something like this by inventing, for example, that Sony is acquiring Microsoft's gaming industry. But even if we want to take it seriously, the text was published on 4 March and states that that same day Microsoft would have finalized the acquisition: since we are talking about two "public" companies, that is, listed on the stock exchange and which must therefore account to the shareholders of any such transaction, it is impossible that such a transaction has not officially emerged since then.

Moral of the fable: do not hope for similar acquisitions and rather begin to doubt the seriousness of sites that propagate similar news, whatever their purpose.