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inXile confirms the creation of an "ambitious RPG"

What will cult designer Brian Fargo's studio work on now that Wasteland 3 is on its way? For now we don't know, but it seems that Microsoft funds are helping the studio make a real leap forward, now aiming for a truly ambitious title.

The founder of the software house himself retweeted a tweet from the well-known insider Klobrille, which mentioned the projects being developed at Microsoft studios and also reported an "ambitious RPG inXile", thus stating: " I can confirm that we are working on an"ambitious" RPG".

Unfortunately for now we don't know what it is, but we already know that the studio is working on a new action-RPG,which has hired the former Lead Producer of World of Warcraft,who is working on a new IP and also who is engaged with a single-player AAA RPG for Xbox Series X.

Will it always be the same project or different titles? We can't wait to find out!