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Biomutant is still in development, a team of 20 elements

If you thought that the ambitious Action-RPG Biomutant had been cancelled, or if you even did not remember the title, we do not blame you: after all, from the end of 2018 THQ Nordic went silent radio on the title, not showing it at any video game event and not releasing any new footage. Only theannouncement of the special editions,dating back to last August, had made us realize that it had not been abandoned.

Today, developer Experiment 101 is speaking with a message to fans stating that the game is still actively in development,and indeed the team has never worked harder than now on the title. They explain, however, that the activities to finalize the development on such a large and ambitious title are very challenging, and therefore will reveal a release date only when they are 100% sure that they can meet it.

And by the way, an interesting note comes from the publisher of the game, THQ Nordic, which in a recent financial report revealed that the development team consists of only 20 elements. This puts it in a different perspective: 20 developers are mid-sized independent studio numbers (to make a comparison, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice also had a team of 20 elements) and it's no surprise that the development is taking so long from the original announcement in 2017.

At this point we just have to wish the Experiment 101 team a good job, hoping that new title news will come soon!