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Xbox Series X: First images of the prototype for developers leaked

Microsoft has already shown us the look of the new and powerful Xbox Series X expected by the end of the year, but it was a rendering and not the real console: today we can instead take a first look at the real product - or rather a prototype for developers - thanks to photos leaked in a tweet.

The images show us what we already knew about the console, with a matte black finish similar to that of the Xbox One X, but the interesting aspect represents the back of the machine, which confirms what we had already shown you in a 3D playback: in addition to the flashy air intakes we find the HDMI output, the optical audio, two USB sockets, the Ethernet network socket and the one for the power cable. There is also a large slot that, as already confirmed by several insiders, is present only in prototypes for developers and serves for inserting a card for debugging games.

What do you think? So "in nature" view, what effect does it have on you?