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Phil Spencer returns to Japan to talk to developers

Already in 2018 Xbox boss Phil Spencer had traveled to Japan to strengthen support for Xbox by the studios of that territory, activity that led to the arrival of several titles(Yakuza, Kingdom Hearts, Phantasy Star Online 2 among others) on the Microsoft console, but there is still much ground to recover in the country of the rising sun.

Spencer's work in Japan is not yet finished, and he tweeted today revealing that he was back in Japan:"It's great to be back in Japan with the team, talking to and listening to fantastic studios and publishers about 2020 and beyond. There's really a lot of energy and excitement for the future of gaming here."

Who knows what the fruits of this new visit will bring: some suggest that Microsoft is preparing to put a foot in Japan by acquiring one or more local studios, but this is all to be seen. We'll probably know more at E3 2020!