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Sea of Thieves: Legends of the Sea update available

After prompting players to express their Christmas spirit with the festival of givingupdate, Rare today released the new update for its flagship Sea of Thievestitle, titled Legends of the Sea. New journeys, adventures and characters await all the pirates of the game.

First, a frightened Duke has returned to the taverns of the various outposts with new trips to propose, while Stitcher Jim seems to have vanished into thin air. The new trips will allow you to gain reputation and riches, or for players who have reached the level cap in the various guilds, to sacrifice the reputation and double the gold to be pocketed! Beware though, one trip in particular will only be available once per player, so choose wisely.

In addition, a new character has been introduced in this update. At Lagoon Island, you'll meet Umbra,a Legends Hunter. Following his directions, you will be able to complete new honors and get new equipment. The clues to follow are nothing more than the marks left by the passage of some Legends (real players in many cases, which you will have down definitely noticed since Day One...) that have made themselves asserted in the world of Sea of Thieves.

In addition to this, both the black market and the emporium has been stocked with new weapons, skins, equipment, sails, cannons, etc. to further increase the customization of your pirate and your vessel. Finally, new Tomi Cirenei have made an appearance in the game world, obtainable by opening the cyreneal chests through the keys scattered throughout the game world.

So what are you waiting for? New adventures await you... and don't forget to pop in at Reaper Island. Jim's beloved is definitely plotting something sinister and dark, and we believe the new Reaper Chests to be delivered to her!

Before leaving you to the trailer for the new update, we remind you that Legends of the Sea is completely free for all owners of the game, Game Pass included. Good vision and good luck!

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