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Xbox Series X: A 3D model allows us to rotate it and watch it from all angles

Are you curious to see more than Xbox Series X,the new and "monolithic" Microsoft console coming later this year? For now the new official information is still fugitive, but the Windows Central site wanted to propose a dynamic 3D model of the console that allows us to examine it from all angles, including back.

And it is precisely the back of the console that provides some interesting insights, although not confirmed by Microsoft: Windows Central claims to have received reliable information about the back doors of the console and its arrangement, thus explaining that we will find two USB ports,anoptical audio output, anHDMI output (no HDMI input passing by this time, unlike Xbox One), an ethernet port and a connector for "figure-8" power cable confirms that this time the power supply will be internal. Air intakesare also shown, which until now were thought to have been on the bottom of the console. Finally, the back of the console also features a rather large slot whose use is unknown, but which seems to be used only for debugging reasons and will not be present in the units marketed at the end of the year.

For now, that's all: we leave you to the 3D model with which you can "play" freely: if you do not display you will have to turn off your Ad Blockers (which you should always turn off on our site to support us).

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