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CD Projekt RED announces the end of support for GWENT on console from 9 December

Lightning in the clear sky (but perhaps not too much) for gWENT: The Witcher Card Game players. CD Projekt RED has announced that the free-to-play card game derived from the famous saga of The Witcher will soon leave the console world, to allow developers to better support PC and mobile versions.

With the recent release on iOS (which proved to be a success, with a relative surge in the number of active players) and the impending landing on Android, console players have become a distinct minority, given that GWENT: The Witcher Card Game has always had most of its players on PC, as well as virtually the entire community of players dedicated to official competitions.

It is understandable that CD Projekt Red has made an assessment of the pros and cons, certainly weighing up even the revenues from the shop d'elgame, which you may think has not brought exhilarating results from the console industry.

Let's see now in concrete how GWENT: The Witcher Card Gamewill abandon the console world.

On December 9th, so in a few days, an update will "freeze" the game in its current state and disable match-making between consoles and other platforms: a must as future updates to the game will come to the game on PC/mobile.

The console versions of the game will still be usable for a period of 6 months from this date, so until next June 9th,at the end of which it seems to understand the game should be completely unusable.

During this same time, you can activate an online procedure for transferring your gaming account to a GOG platformaccount, which can then be used to play on both PC and mobile devices. Beware, however, merging progress with an existing GOG proflo, so you'll need to create a new account on GOG or otherwise use one that you've never played gwentwith.

This will preserve everything achieved on consoles: levels, cards, configured decks, cosmetic items and all materials that operate as in-game currency, including Meteor Powder, except for window.

So remember to transfer your account so you don't lose your progress so far!