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Games Store leaks remastered versions of Vanquish and Bayonetta

If you remember vanquish, the adrenaline-pumping action-shooter of Platinum Games released in 2010 for the last generation of consoles, this news may please you: on the Games Store has just appeared the card of a remaster version of the game, with release date February 17, 2020 and that will run at full 4K and 60 fps at least on Xbox One X.

The Store doesn't give us any other information other than this game description:

"The very successful sci-fi shooter returns. An overpopulated Earth that is reeling from a lack of resources puts its hopes on the solar-powered space colony Providence. When Providence is suddenly invaded by a group of rebels and its technology used to wreak havoc on cities, a specialized unit of space marines will have to recapture it.

Equipped with BLADE, the experimental weapons system that can scan, copy, and save three existing weapons, DARPA agent Sam Gideon must infiltrate Providence, defeat legions of enemies, and disable the life-threatening energy transmitter on Earth."

UPDATE: The Bayonetta remasterpage, with similar 4K and 60 fps features, has also appeared on the Store, and it looks like the two games will be sold in a celebratory collection.

We therefore have to wait for the official announcement by SEGA, publisher of the title. In the meantime, here are some images of the game taken directly from the Store. Have a good look!