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Matt Booty: From 2020 a Microsoft game every 3-4 months, Scarlett will have a huge initial line-up

In an interview with the British website GamesRadar, Xbox Game Studios host Matt Booty discussed the future of Xbox, explaining that, thanks to the many investigations of new studios made in recent times, from early 2020 onwards Microsoft will be able to release an XGS title every 3-4 months,both internally produced and developed by third parties but published by Microsoft, thus managing to always propose something new to players.

And the schedule for upcoming releases is already testament to that: with Ori and the Will of the Wisps in February, Bleeding Edge in March, Minecraft Dungeons in April, Wasteland 3 in May and Tell Me Why in the summer, we have almost one game a month, though not all exclusive. Something that will keep Game Passholders constantly engaged. Of course, for now it's not AAA titles but they're still very interesting, while high-budget productions will start arriving by late 2020 and months later along with Project Scarlett.

On top of that, Booty then reiterated how Project Scarlett will have the largest launch line-up of any Xbox released so far: this not only because of the fist and third party titles that will accompany the launch of the new console, but also because any title that runs today on Xbox One (including the back-compatible ones of 360 and first Xbox) will also be playable on the new console, thus equipping it with an impressive launch line-up.

This will make it easy for both Xbox One newcomers, who can continue to play with all of its titles, and newcomers to the Xbox world, who with a Game Pass subscription will have instant access not only to all the first party titles of the launch but also to a wide pound pre-existing.

It seems, therefore, that from 2020 onwards, Microsoft's new strategies will begin to show tangible results; and who knows how much more we have to find out!