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World War Z opens new season with Kill It With Fire update

World War Zdeveloper Saber Interactive has unveiled the"Kill It With Fire"update, which marks the beginning of the second season for this popular zombie-themed shooter. Given the release period, there could also be a Halloween-themed gift (it will be given to all those who will play in the period between October 25 and November 5), but the most substantial news are undoubtedly others, let's see them together!

1) The PvE campaign is enriched by two new chapters,continuing the story told in the basic game: "Dead in the Water" is essentially chapter 4 of the campaign set in New York, while "Resurrection" continues the story of the events of the survivors of Moscow.

2) It is now possible to trigger the "Prestige"for each class that has reached level 30 experience: in exchange for the reset to 1 level players will get exclusive perks and skins

3) Modifiers can be applied freely in private matches

4) The flamethrower makes an appearance in the game as a new heavy weapon

5) The "VERY HARD" difficulty (the 4 skull shard) difficulty has been abolished, making the next difficulty level more difficult and more affordable.

In addition to this new content, the publisher took the opportunity to provide new details about support for the game in the coming months, officializing the imminent availability Pass. With a price tag set at USD 29.99, the Season Pass guarantees access to premium content released during the first season (the Biohazard and Lobo DLCs), new cosmetic content and especially a new PvE ringer composed of 3 chapters, announced in the spring of 2020.

Remember that World War Z is currently available with Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service that, at a cost of 9.99 euros per month, allows you to play freely and without limitations all titles included in the service, with new games added every month. You can purchase it from this page on the Microsoft Store,or you canmake a single subscription to Game Pass - Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, can be purchased from this page.

Now we'll leave you to the trailer for this new update, have a good look!

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