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Microsoft Announces New Titles Coming in Game Pass

Microsoft today announced, amid confirmations and new revelations, the new titles that will arrive in theXbox Game Pass for consoles between late October and early November. The most anticipated title is obviously Obisidian's excellent RPG The Outer Worlds,coming to launch this Friday, but also games like Afterparty and the other upcoming titles deserve attention let's see what they are.

From tomorrow, October 23rd, the mountain bike racing title Lonely Mountains: Downhill and the sequel to the stealth-horror game Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor. Then October 24 is Minit'sstylish 60-second micro-adventures, while Friday 25th (but you can try to play it from the day before setting up the console in New Zealand) comes the main course, The Outer Worlds.

On October 29th it's the turn of the new "alcohol adventure" of the authors of Oxenfree, Afterparty,while on the 31st of the month you can have fun, perhaps together with little brothers, cousins and children, with LEGO Star Wars III. The underwater survival game Subnauticacloses the round, arriving in the Pass on November 7. The next announcements will then be made on the occasion of theX019,on November 14, and we expect that some "games" will enter the service!

Please note that Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that, at a cost of 9.99 euros per month, allows you to play freely and without restrictions on all titles included in the service, with new games added each month. You can purchase it from this page on the Microsoft Store,or you canmake a single subscription to Game Pass - Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, can be purchased from this page.