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The Surge 2 will allow us to choose between 4K and 60 fps

Focus Home Interactive today announced that The Surge 2,Deck13 Interactive's new souls-like sci-fi coming on September 24, will have full support for Xbox One X to choose between the maximum resolutionmode, which will go to 4K and 30 fps,or the maximum-performancemode, which will turn to 60 fps but at a resolution of 1080p. Which one will you choose?

In The Surge 2 Jericho City is crumbling from the inside: its districts are populated by drug addicts, gangs and hostile nanomoncity. Weapon in hand and drone in tow we can explore this dystopian metropolis immersing ourselves in intense combat. With 80 different weapons to choose from, a new directional parade system, dodge mechanics, drones and a vast amount of brutal executions, we can approach combat in the style that suits us best, using massive combat gloves or a sharp spear.