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Disintegration: first details for Halo's co-creator FPS

Last month Private Division announced Disintegration,the first title of the indie software house V1 Interactive founded by Halo co-creator and former Bungie Creative Director Marcus Letho; Today we learn the first details about the game thanks to an article published by the British magazine EDGE.

The magazine reveals that Disintegration is currently developed by a team of 30 people, making it a production halfway between a modestly sized indie and an AAA title, a bit like Ninja Theory's Hellblade; The game is an FPS that will see us control a floating armed vehicle called gravcycle (there will be different types and classes) while commanding four soldiers controlled by the IA.

The game will take place 150 years in to go when, to escape a deadly pandemic capable of endangering the whole of humanity, many humans have had their brains integrated into a robotic body with the intention of reversing the process when the virus will not be more of a threat. This, however, has led to hardships and civil wars between robotic humans, called "integrated", and the "natural", with the first extremely advantaged in the battle.

In this scenario we will play the role of an integrated human, Romer Shoal, who rebels against the same integrated forces in defense of natural humans. The game will offer us a single player campaign that will see us fight through the Rocky Mountains, the Arizona desert, the west coast of the USA and Iceland. All over the course of 13 missions that will last a total of about 10-12hours.

The game will present several stylistic similarities with the Bungie titles: the graphics and artistic design will of course recall those of Halo and Destiny since Letho was responsible for the artistic design of these two titles, but also the gameplay will present us with the classic 30-second combat loop for which the American studio is famous, consisting of intense clashes of a few tens of seconds during which we have to balance our assaults with the necessary recovery of energies or shields, but with the addition this time of new tactical options thanks to the control of the soldiers led by the AIs but also thanks to the complete destructibility of theenvironment, which will allow us to take down shelters and create new paths to the Goals. Of course, there will also be a multiplayermode, of which nothing is known for now.

The first gameplay of the game will be shown to us on the evening of Monday 19 August during the live gamescom Opening NightLive, and we at MondoXbox will have the opportunity to play it with our own hands during the fair German; we can then tell you our very first impressions of the title. Keep following us!