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A new trailer for psychological horror Those Who Remain

Camel 101 today released a new trailer forthe psychologicalor first-person horror Those WhoRemain, which anticipates some information and details that will be revealed over the course of Gamescom. Announced early last year, the title is set in Dormont,a small and at first glance normal U.S. citizen, and stars EdwardTurner, a man with a troubled past.

Dormont, Dormont, Dormont he will be immersed in total darkness, leaving the population shrouded in darkness and revealing for the protagonist a mysterious and deadly place, in which strange creatures roam in the dark killing those in front of them.

Here are the main game features reported by the developer:

  • Worlds inpieces: make your way between Dormont and his dark counterpart to continue solving the mysteries that hover in the darkness.
  • Consciousness ofchoice: Choose whether to help all the surviving citizens of Dormont you meet or leave them to evil. Innocence cannot always be presumed and the city of Dormont hides a cursed collection of secrets.
  • Taste your sanity:Keep your sanity as you dig deep into Dormunt's evil - The normal rules of the world have been torn apart.
  • Follow yourpath: your decisions and choices will determine Edward's fate, through many different alternative paths.

Waiting for more information, including the release date of Those Who Remain, we leave you to the trailer and three new images: good viewing!

MX Video - Those Who Remain