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Two Point Hospital invites us to run our hospital at the end of the year

SEGA today announced that the Sim/Management Two PointHospital, launched successfully last year on PC, will also arrive on our consoles by the end of the year allowing us to build and manage our hospital facility including the two expansions already released on PC that add a snowy and tropical environment for our hospitals.

In the world of Two Point Hospital we will wear the coat of an administrator of a health facility, facing every day complicated situations and many different challenges to demonstrate our ability to build, cure and improve even in difficult and strangest situations. Running a hospital can often be a chaotic undertaking. That's why we're going to have to educate our staff to the best of our ability and manage the different personalities of each member to aim to be the best health facility in Two Point County and defeat the competition. And if we can't save all the patients... that's why there are ghost-catching keepers!

Since its PC launch, Two Point Hospital has introduced several new mechanics thanks to community feedback. Many of these features, such as the one for interior design, the ability to copy and paste the structure of the rooms and the customization of the characters, will be immediately included in the console version that will debut later this year. There will also be the two "Bigfoot" expansions, set in a snowy region, and "Pebberly Island", which proposes new challenges in a tropical setting. Two Point Hospital will be totally rethought for the consolegame, with a control system that will best suit the needs of those who play with the joypad.

Now we'll leave you to the announcement trailer and a set of images of the game: good viewing!

MX Video - Two Point Hospital