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The Coalition eliminates Gears Packs and Season Pass in Gears 5, maps will be free

During E3, The Coalition confirmed the release of Gears 5 for the next 10 September and announced and showed, through some gameplay videos, the new Escapecooperative mode. Waiting for new information related to the campaign of the long-awaited and new chapter of the saga, the studio now provides us with the first interesting details related to the multiplayer and the content system present in the game.

The first novelty is theelimination of Gears Packs that, as you know, were introduced in Gears of War 4 and provided the player with a range of content and customizations with a lootbox system both through the Store and with in-game currency that can be obtained through long gaming sessions.

Another novelty is theelimination of the SeasonPass, which in the previous chapter conferred, in addition to a series of cards and exclusive packages, theexclusive playlist Developer on which to preview the new maps 24 free maps. In Gears 5, the additional maps will be introduced for free for both macthmaking and private games.

The system to obtain personalization content will be directed through the new "Tour of Duty" through which the player can receive, through daily and seasonal challenges, a series of customizations as character skins weapons. Through this system, however, contrary to what happened with Gears Packs, we will always know in advance the type of reward we will receive thanks to a certain path to follow. Players will also be rewarded for their time spent in multiplayer modes with SupplyDrop, random items that cannot be purchased with real money.

There will be a micro-transaction system that will essentially cover aesthetic content and some enhancements that will allow the player to level up faster. This content can be obtained through a currency called Iron, which can be purchased through the Microsoft Store, but which can be received, albeit in a limited way, also through the Tour of Duty.

For now the information closes here: keep following us for all updates on Gears 5!