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New retrocompatible titles on Xbox One starting today, the last before Scarlett

Microsoft made tonight, on the occasion of the live Inside Xbox, an important announcement about the program of backwards compatibility. It was first confirmed that the new line of console Project Scarlett will be able to run all the Xbox One Games, including the backward compatible Xbox 360 and the first Xbox, thus becoming the only console in the world capable To play four generations of games with no need for porting, remaster or streaming.

But there is also another news: to ensure the achievement of this result, the team that deals with backward compatibility has been moved in full on Project Scarlett, which means that from here to the arrival of the new consoles will not be released Additional backward compatible games.

But this is not until we have released a final wave of backward-compatible titles, a kind of swan song of this feature at least until the end of 2020, including the most famous episodes Of the Splinter Cell and Too Humanseries, which becomes Also free for everyone. Here are the list of all the games, including some titles already present but now enhanced for Xbox One X, which you can play from the start:

Games of the first Xbox:

Games Xbox 360

Enhanced Xbox One X Games

Have fun, then, with the new titles backwards compatible!