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Ubisoft announces the Mythological adventure Gods & Monsters

During E3 Ubisoft announced a new interesting title: The Colorful Adventure Gods & Monsters, which will immerse us in a world rich in mythological creatures in the company of a sympathetic Greek hero. Developed by the same authors as Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the title takes us into the fantastic adventure of a forgotten Hero, party to save the gods of Greece.

The game will see us sail for a trip to the island of the blessed, which has been conquered by dangerous mythological creatures. We should thus demonstrate our legendary heroism by defeating their chief typhoon, the scariest creature in Greek mythology, in an epic duel. Gods & Monsters will offer us a fantastic and breathtaking world in which we await trials, mysterious dungeons and heroic exploits.

You can admire it in the following trailer; Good vision!

MX Video - Gods & Monsters