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Rumor: Bleeding Edge, the new title of Ninja Theory, transpires in video

One of the announcements expected at Microsoft's Xbox conference is the next title of Ninja Theory in development from 2014, which some rumor of the past few weeks wanted to call themselves Bleeding Edge and be an online action title. Today a video was leaked on the web, apparently stolen during a preview event for the press, showing the trailer for the presentation of the game confirming the title and showing the artistic style.

The trailer shows teams of 4 eclectic "street warriors", some of which are heavily modified with components such as a wheel in place of the legs or a circular saw in place of the hand, prepare for a deadly clash. Then followed a series of scenes of combat however cinematic and not gameplay, while writing in the background confirms that it is a title of online battles 4 against 4. The artistic style seems very cartoonous, to Overwatch, while the characters seem endowed with agility, power and heaviness different, thus giving life to very different clashes depending on who you are controlling. Close the movie The announcement that the game will have a Tecnical Alpha on June 27, then in just 20 days.

If it is true, while not showing the gameplay the video shows a title with production values however quite high even if "only" an online fighting game. However, we remember that Ninja Theory has 3 teams working on as many titles; This would then be the one closest to the exit, while the others will be announced later.

We leave you to the movie hostate from the original source, which then could be removed, referring to you on Sunday evening to find out if it is real and if, maybe, we will also show the gameplay of the game.

MX Video - Bleeding Edge