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Phil Spencer: There will be 14 First Party titles this year at E3, more than any other year

The E3 is approaching! Do you feel the hype mount? We definitely do. And as if that were not enough, today we think Phil Spencer himself, the head of the Gaming division of Microsoft, to upload even more the good Phil has indeed tweeted, at the end of the tests for the Xbox conference, that this year there will be on stage more titles First Party than any other E3 conference held in the past by Microsoft.

These Are his words: "We are finishing our last tests for the E3 with the team here in Redmond. I am really satisfied with the conference. There's a lot to show. We have 14 Xbox game Studios Games at the show this year, the largest number of First Party titles we've ever had on the show. Good times."

It seems that Microsoft is really willing to show us a glimpse of what are capable of the many internal teams available, besides of course a mix of ads on hardware, services and securities third party, as always.

Obviously we can not expect that there are all the new studies, indeed of these is likely that only Ninja Theory and inXile offer us a glimpse of their next titles since they are those with projects ahead of others (except Obsidian with The Outer Worlds, but it is a Take Two/Private Division title. What could then be a probable list?

Considering that now the Xbox brand and its studies do not embrace only the world console but also PC and other devices, and that of course among the games shown there will also be many titles already known, we try to venture our probable list, trying to Stay as much as possible with the "feet on the ground":

  1. Gears 5
  2. Halo Infinite
  3. Forza Horizon 4 (the next big update)
  4. Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC
  5. Sea of Thieves (Miscellaneous news and/or recap of the last year)
  6. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  7. Battletoads
  8. Gears Tactics
  9. Minecraft Earth
  10. Minecraft Dungeons
  11. Age of Empires Definitive Edition or AoE 4
  12. Wasteland 3 (inXile)
  13. Ninja Theory (new title)
  14. New RPG Playground Games (probably the new Fable)

These are 14 exact titles, but it is obviously our prediction made without making flights Pindarici: It is possible that some of these are not there, leaving the place to some further surprise. And what do you think, what will Microsoft get at E3?