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The Xbox E3 is going to last two hours, analyst: MS will go to maximum

If you were wondering how long the Xbox E3 conference will last, waiting for June 9 at 22:00, Xbox Brazil reveals to us today by publishing an image in which we discover that it will last two hours; Then keep free between the 22:00 and midnight on Sunday 9, because we will see some beautiful! And, according to a financial analyst, Microsoft will not be sure.

The analyst of the videogame industry known on Twitter and YouTube as Benji-Sales has in fact published a tweet decidedly explanatory:

"MS had two choices this E3: moderating and making a conservative game, or doing things in great.

They chose to go to the max. Will be a heck of a show"

And, to those who suggested that MS would show only multiplatform titles, the analyst responded , "Oh, you'll see much more than that."

You hear that, too? Yes, it is the hype that rises, slow and inexorable. Hopefully it's really the exciting show that we all expect!