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Xbox One: Part of the public release of the May update

Microsoft informs us that it was released today for all Xbox One users Themay update of the console, so far tested by Users of the program Preview. This update does not make any major distortion to the operating system, but introduces small improvements that will make it more enjoyable to use the console.

Here are the news inserted:

  • Indication of how our friends are connected -now the ways to connect to your Xbox Live profile are many: from XBOX, PC or mobile app. Now when we see someone online in the Friends list, a special icon will show us which device you are connecting to.
  • Message Requests -to stem the phenomenon of spam messages, now all messages from users who are not in your friends list will be delivered to a "message requests" folder, separating them from those from your Friends.
  • Improved Sorting Games -now games that start with English articles like "a", "an" and "the" will be sorted and grouped without considering these articles. For example, "The Witcher 3" will appear under the letter W rather than below the T where it so far unapprives along with all other games whose title started for "The".

We remind you that as always it's a release Rolling ; This means it won't come at all at the same time, but you can force it by looking for new updates from your system settings.