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The occult investigator of The Sinking City is the protagonist of a long demonstration

Frogwares today released a long game demonstration of the Sinking City, the Lovecraftian adventure in the background at the end of June. The video, 12 minutes and complete with Italian subtitles, shows us the performance of a mission titled "A Delicate issue", thus offering the possibility of evaluating the mechanics of exploration, combat and especially investigation to Disposition of the protagonist the private investigator Charles W. Reed.

During the mission, Mr. Throgmorthon, leader of one of the main families of Oakmont, asks Charles to carefully examine a decidedly delicate matter: a stolen art merchant, just before closing the sale of a valuable object, is Mysteriously disappeared and Mr. Throgmorthon, being interested in the precious artifact, wants to discover what happened. Thanks to the evolution of the survey, the player becomes very aware of how the Sinking City plot is much more articulated than it seemed at the beginning. Without any suggestions in fact, the player will have to interrogate as many witnesses as possible throughout the city in order to find a logic and connect all the pieces of the intricate puzzle.

Find the following video: Good vision.

MX Video - The Sinking City