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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: Here are the first official details

After the announcement trailer just Shown, Respawn Entertainment also revealed the very first details on the history and Gameplay Of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The developers explain that the game takes place after theorder 66, When Emperor Palpatine ordered the extermination of All the Jedi.

In this context, we will impersonate Cal Kestis, a Fleeing Jedi Padawan with his lightsaber and his still-immature force powers, played By Actor Cameron Monaghan (Gotham, Shameless), of which he also takes the features.

Respawn explains that it will be an action game focused on history, which is very profound but also easy to learn. The fights will be the cornerstone of all the gameplay, and players will have to identify the weaknesses of each enemy to get the best of them. Thanks to Cal's Jedi training we will be able to use different combinations of melee attacks to Escape The Imperial Inquisition, but we will also have to learn To use Force powers.

The game will begin on a new planet called Bracca, where we'll encounter droids and familiar Faces, Storm Troopers and other characters. Two important characters in the story will be Cal's best friend, a small bipedal droid named BD-1, And Second Sister, the Inquisitor Who we see chasing Cal in the trailer.

The Troopers shown in the trailer, however, are the Purge Troopers and are trained specifically to Fight the Jedi. When a Jedi is identified somewhere, the Empire sends them to check if the indication is true before calling the Inquisitors to take care of the Jedi.

These are instead the main features of the game spread by EA:

  • Spectacular and Engaging battles - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order grants your dream Of becoming a true Jedi through an innovative lightsaber combat system complete with attacks, parades and dodging, but also with a Assortment of powerful Force abilities to exploit to overcome the obstacles you encounter. This combat system is easy to learn, but it requires practice and training to be fully mastered as you gain new powers and abilities in the course of the adventure.
  • The beginning of a new story of The Jedi -in the game you are a Former Padawan fleeing From The Empire who must complete the training before The Imperial Inquisitors discover his plan to Rebuild The Jedi Order. With the help of a former Jedi Knight, an angry pilot and a fearless droid, you have to escape the diabolical machinations of the Empire in an adventure with a strong narrative imprint. Tackle and overcome a wide variety of challenges, which will see you at the test with fights, exploration and riddles.
  • The Galaxy awaits you -ancient forests, wind-swept cliffs and haunted jungles are just some of the fabulous scenery you'll Explore in Jedi: Fallen Order, with the freedom to decide when and where to move from one place to another. As you unlock new powers and abilities, you will be able to return to the already explored environments and confront them differently, even with the help of Force powers. Hurry, however, because you are in the sights of the Empire, determined to exterminated all the survivors of the Jedi Order.

For Now the information will stop here: we will update you as soon as more news emerge!