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The Outer Worlds: 20 minutes of gameplay from PAX

During the PAX East in Boston, Obsidian Entertainment (recently acquired By Microsoft) performed a 20-minute demonstration Of The Outer Worlds, the new sci-fi first-person action-RPG in development for the label Private Division Of Take-Two Interactive.

The movie, which you find as always below, shows us the exploration of the environment, the dialogues with the characters and of course many fights, which will take part also the other characters of our party; The style of the game looks like a mix between BioShock and Fallout and, even if the graphics seem to need more finishing, it is undoubted as artistically and from the point of view of the gameplay is extremely interesting. It Seems obvious the presence in the title of a marked humorous vein, which certainly does not mind.

Check yourself in the following movie!

MX Video - The Outer Worlds