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Daedalic announces action-adventure The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The German Studio Daedalic Entertainment today announced the development of the Lord of the Rings : Gollum, the new action-adventure set in the World Of The Lord Of The Rings that follows the adventures of The Hobbit Sméagol immediately after he came into possession of the Single Ring, and up to before the events Narrated in Tolkien's novels and in the movies.

The game will be strongly based on the narrative, but we'll also present an action-adventure gameplay with a marked stealth component, while we follow the protagonist constantly fought between his two voices, That One Sméagol and that of the greedy Gollum.

For now it has not been revealed anything else, and probably it will take much longer before we can see something of the game since it is expected to exit during the 2021; Of course we will keep you updated on any news about it.