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Saber Interactive tells us and shows the mechanics of World War Z

Another month separates us from the release of World War Z (official date: April 16), but Focus Home Interactive keeps the title in the spotlight, publishing a video-diary subtitled in Italian where the development team Saber Interactive illustrates the mechanical details of this expected cooperative action-shooter .

The aspect on which the footage lingers the most is the management of the masses of zombies that will attack the players. Taking advantage of the official license of fiction and film, the developers have created a very particular horde, in which the zombies move very quickly and in groups of very impressive dimensions.

The game engine is in fact able to guarantee the presence on the screen even of 500 zombies at the same time, and the management of artificial intelligence manages to ensure that these huge masses move in some ways as a single entity, similar to a bench of Fish or a flock of birds: for example, the film refers to the scene set in Jerusalem in which the zombies cooperate by massing themselves to form a sort of human pyramid to reach the top of a high wall.

The result is a gaming experience for players with strong nerves, with endless rows of relentless undead who come out fast from every break, ready to hunt down the unfortunate protagonists.

Addressing these hordes without exploiting the benefits of cooperation will mean being destined to succumb quickly, as much as the game provides players with a truly respectable arsenal. These masses of zombies will also play a decisive role in the unprecedented pvpvz mode proposed by World War Z: being able to direct the wave Zombesca against the opposing team (for example, driving it with noises in a certain area of the map) It will certainly have a better chance of success in this intriguing variation of the classic team deathmatch.

We leave you to the vision of this diary of the developer, good vision!

MX Video - World War Z