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Dead or Alive 6 is available today and it shows in the launch trailer

Koei Tecmo has released the launch trailer of the Dead or Alive fighting game 6 and reminds us that the title is available today on Xbox One physical and digital stores. The story gives a following the events of the previous chapter and focuses on two different main plots: the battle between "the ninjas and the DOATEC " and " M.I.S.T., the organization led by Donovan ," and events taking place during the sixth tournament of Dead or Alive . Will also be adding new episodes with minor stories dedicated to recurring characters.

These are the main features of the game shown by the developer:

  • New graphics : with the help of a new graphics engine, Dead or Alive 6 brings the fun of fighting to a new level. Amazing graphics, and realistic, accentuates the facial expressions, special effects such as playback of sweat and dirt on characters, and realistic effects of strokes.
  • The triangular system : as usual, the fighting in Dead or Alive 6 are based on a triangular system: the shots beat projections, projections clap their sockets and the sockets are flying shots. Scoring at the right time an attack knocking an opponent's attack, such as unleashing a shot when your opponent tries to run a projection, you will inflict more damage and counterattack +.
  • New game mechanics-devastation: In this new title is introduced to the Dead or Alive series a new indicator for special moves, l ' indicator devastation , which represents a new strategic element in the fighting. Is easily accessible and intuitive to use, even for those who have no experience with the world of fighting games.

We leave you now to the trailer: enjoy!

MX Video - Dead or Alive 6