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Bandai Namco reveals new details about One Piece: World Seeker

Bandai Namco revealed some new details about the One Piece: World Seeker , the open-world action game dedicated to straw hat to arrive on March 15, accompanied by a series of new images of the game.

The first details revealed is the Pirate system Karma : completing certain missions for a particular character or faction, the Pirate Luffy's Karma against them will increase. And once you reach certain levels, players will unlock some cutscenes and unique missions.

The second innovation is the treasure hunt . Using maps to be found around the game world, players will be able to exploit their knowledge of Prison Island to discover hidden treasures and gain new ingredients and items that will help Luffy on his mission.

The new images show us, finally a new setting, Sky Island , and a new character, Trafalgar d. Law . Sky Island is a unique setting it fluctuating over a Prison Island and offers very different landscapes from the latter that Luffy can traverse and explore.

Trafalgar d. Law is the captain of the "Pirate" and a member of the pirate Luffy, but his arrival is quite unexpected. Through its history, players will discover the real reason for his appearance on Prison Island.

We leave you to images: enjoy!