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Trailer and details on the multiplayer of The Division 2: black areas and Conflict

Ubisoft today revealed details on The Division 2 multiplayer, revealing that the title will see the presence of three black areas (PvP + PvE), each with its own story and gameplay, in addition to Conflict mode that will allow us to play in pure PvP matchmaking with game modes like Domain and Skirmish .

Find all the details here, along with a trailer that shows you all the new stuff.


Allegato Intelligence: Benvenuto nelle Zone Nere

The time has come for a new Annex Intelligence: this time we will discover the black areas , dangerous and desolate contaminated areas of The Division 2 .

The biggest new feature of this sequel is introducing three black areas, each with its own history and exciting new gameplay:

  • Black zone East — is the largest of three black areas and takes players in the wide spaces in dense vegetation, become wild, parks.
  • Black zone South — the smallest of the three, focuses on close range combat. The lines of fire are continually broken by buildings, narrow passages and other obstacles of various kinds.
  • Black zone West — split in two by a large Canal, Georgetown has a European-style architecture and a good medium-range combat.


In addition to the three new black areas, have been enhanced both the server capacity that the overall dimension of the game. In The Division 2, the black areas are subdivided into smaller areas that allow the simultaneous game up to a maximum of 12 players. Despite having halved the maximum number of players, we have increased the density by reducing by a third the size of the black area. The meetings, in black areas, are of higher quality, which ensures a gaming experience much more rewarding.

In addition, every black area reacts to actions and the fighting as the player through it. If you participate in an activity in the northern sector of a black area, other areas will occur as a result of events that aim to restore a balance in the entire region. We must always keep in mind your surroundings: agents know how decisive the full awareness of the situation.



In The Division 2 , the Black Area level is more important than ever. Senait, the new entrant black zone's base of operations, gives you access to the new look of the Black Zone benefits, a bonus system that allows you to unlock all five levels black area. Not based on force, these benefits enhance the experience black zone based on your style of play. Extra space for items contaminated in the richest rewards for traitors, through increased opportunities for looting: you can choose from a wide range of benefits those that are best suited to the style of play with which addressed The Division 2. A traitor's death in black areas, however, has a great cost in terms of experience. Holds a black area and most importantly preserve these benefits is a top priority.


We are very proud of some big changes that The Division 2 introduces into the system of extraction. If The Division the spoils once appeared, remained totally static, this time takes on a more dynamic role. First of all, only the rarest equipment upgrades among those found in the black areas will prove to be contaminated and have to be extracted. Everyone else will stop automatically in the inventory. Secondly, weapons and equipment they will automatically the level of player that extracts. Contaminated equipment represent the best opportunity to find power-ups within the black areas. In this way dramatically the possibilities for improving their equipment, because all the stolen loot will have your same level.



A big change from the black area of Manhattan is that the three black areas of DC using the normalization to level the game. For all newbies to The Division 2, standardization shortens the gap between players with very high damage or health statistics. Although a balanced approach in the construction of the character is always a valid option, remember that every choice has very specific about style and gameplay. In addition, normalization affect IA to the same extent with which he does it on the players.

Matchmaking within the black areas follows two criteria. On the one hand, the players are grouped into categories according to their level (1-10, 11-20, 21-30) and then normalized until equal. On the other hand, all players who have reached the world come together and normalized to the same price range in the world. Players who were above the level of normalization are rewarded with bonus statistics.

We also changed the dynamics of matchmaking in black area to help individual players playing in black areas populated mostly by other players. This is not a hard and fast rule, and players are free to form groups within the black areas.


The checkpoints are equipped with turrets indestructible to prevent parking on site. These stationary weapons shoot at sight on all traitors or AI: better keep away!


We have also new in store for the most passionate fans of PvP. We are talking about dynamic event called black areas occupied. During these events, all the classic rules of the black areas are changing. The concepts of SHADE and traitors disappear completely: the game is transformed into a simple and brutal race at very best rewards. This means no traitors, no normalization, limited notifications, vulnerability to friendly fire: you have to use all your means and your skills to survive.

When a black area is busy, the other two operate according to standard dynamics. These special events are designed to offer the highest relationship between risk and rewards in The Division 2. Are you ready to take the challenge?

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