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Rumor: Microsoft is preparing to introduce the force feedback on the controller's triggers

è current standard Xbox controller One without doubt one of the best games made for a gaming console thanks to the excellent ergonomics and design; It looks like Microsoft is for ò looking for new technologies to improve it further, maybe the next generation.

What was discovered in a couple of new patents issued from the House of Redmond, one related to a " trigger with motorized feedback " and one for " trigger with motorised adjustable voltage ".

This is basically a system of force feedback on the triggers of the controller, using special motors, allow players to have more experience "touch" with their titles. The first patent allows to activate a real feedback based on the action of the player (imagine for example a trigger that snaps forward after being pressed to simulate a recoil, or one that fails intermittently during the pressure to simulate a system ABS in a racing game), while the second describes a system of "dynamic" of the trigger, so the games will make it tougher or slight pressure balancing it with dynamically. This could also find use in racing games, to simulate the resistance brake, or FPS, to simulate weapons from the trigger harder to press.

It is true, however, that Microsoft often patents of all types that do not necessarily see a practical implementation, and these "inventions" could not find a place in future controller. After all the same vibration on the triggers of the current controller was used very little and almost exclusively from first party titles, then it is said that it makes sense to make it more expensive to manufacture a controller to add a feature that will be used by a few titles. We will discover in the future what are Microsoft's plans: stay with us to discover them!