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Microsoft renews the trademark Lost Odyssey: coming soon?

One of the best and most popular titles of the past generation was, as surely remember, Lost Odyssey title JRPG released way back in 2008 for the Xbox 360 became backwards compatible on the Xbox One two years ago, developed by studio Mistwalker also famous for Blue Dragon . Despite the critical acclaim, the great sales and the excellent work performed by Hironobu Sakaguchi , the creator of Final Fantasy , the IP of Lost Odyssey has remained frozen for more than a decade, disappointing the expectations of fans who they would certainly welcome a sequel to the title.

Surprise Microsoft has renewed last September, Lost Odyssey in which precise scope references appear description of video games. The new trademark registration could mean a return of Lost Odyssey and news about the game, but it could also be a way by Microsoft to protect its intellectual property or keep the mark for any use future, before the expiry of the previous registration.

To support the hypothesis of a possible return of the game, but there is a declaration Sakaguchi that in the latest edition of the famous Japanese magazine Famitsu announced to be working on a new project, and this makes us think it could be somewhat related to Lost Odyssey .

Of course there is the possibility that this is the result of a mere coincidence; We just have to wait for any official information from Microsoft : stay tuned!