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Legendary Eleven brings the old school arcade soccer on Xbox One

The Spanish developer Eclipse Games announced that on January 4 will arrive on Xbox One Legendary Eleven , football title that wants to revive the glory days of arcade football the years 80-90 with a gameplay based on a side view of the field, Golden days inspired football team (' 70-' 90) and lots of stunts and special shots.

The game is already be pre-ordered the Store priced at 13.49 Euros 10% discount on the final price, while this is what the developers have to say about the title:

" This new approach to great sport has a unique mechanical and fluid gameplay. Develops amazing patterns and keep possession of the ball to make Super shots unstoppable. Challenge your luck and enters slid in to steal the ball without the referee whistles a foul. Trust in the fans ' support if you are losing, or use special stickers redeemable for strengthening the team stats. Legendary Eleven is that and more: a football video game over the top, fun and accessible, set in the World of historical past that inspired generations of players and fans.

The campaign mode unlock figurines to enhance team stats, improve morale and perhaps even have other special benefits. Choose from 36 teams with haircuts and epic mustache and legends in shorts. Portals to the glory and win the World Cup! "

We leave you to the announce trailer and a set of images from the game: enjoy!

MX Video - Legendary Eleven