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The character of V is shown in action in a new trailer of Devil May Cry 5

Capcom has released a new trailer of Devil May Cry 5 dedicated to the mysterious new character of V mostrandocelo in action in some interesting gameplay sequences.

V has a style of play completely new to the series of Devil May Cry and uses a cane as a weapon that at first glance it would seem not up to par of the arsenal of Dante and Nero . Instead, the power of his weapon is the ability to summon three different demonic creatures: the bird of Thunder Griffon , rapid Panther Shadow and the towering Nightmare . Each of them can also be controlled independently from the others, allowing you to create incredible combo.

We leave you the trailer, subtitled in Italian, and we remind you that Devil May Cry 5 is expected on [/play] the Xbox One [play] PlayStation 4 8 March 2019 : enjoy!

MX Video - Devil May Cry 5